Our Companion dogs check them out
And there family


Lassie teacing her owner how to high five.

Lucy Birthday owner Dorothy Dallessandro

  Casey, Julie, & Randy

 She’s a certified therapy dog now (in addition to doing agility) and she goes to libraries to help children with their reading skills.
I LOVE her!  And so does everyone who meets her!
Marti Ohmart

Lucy                                                     Two Boys
Own By                                                 Own By
                 John D'Allessandro                                          Judith Mysliborski & Paula Maniscolco

Tinkerbell Witting                                        Sindey Sullian   Age 10

Ellie & Tarzan                             Carley,Cooper & Camille

                                Digby                                               Skye & Biscuit

Bandit And Kristen                                     Zig & His Family

                          Michael, Suzann, NinaMarie
& Hercules

Ginny's Kids                                                 Toby and Edna
               Sasha , Happy Taps,
                    Misty, & Heide

                                  Rayn & Mira

                Pattie and Spirit                      Cassie Marie Clement

Penny & Heather
"Penny now has her CD. & CDX & UD.
Congrats to her!