Ch.Shield Crest Anastasia



As the paw prints go again we lost our little girl she had to leave us
she will be missed by all who knew her. She left a lot of hearts broken.
We will miss that funny girl who said I can do it Mom just watch me go.
God said he wanted me back I am running and playing with all the Shield
Crest dogs . Lets see if they can catch me. LOL. Till I see you again I will
be waiting for you to cross over. So don't cry I am still with you I will
always be there in your heart.

Ch.Shield Crest Anastasia
2 B.I.S. & 2 B.I.S.S.
Number one Bi-Black Bitch
Of 2004 - 2007
Now with 100 B.O.B. and in the
Century Club.

picture here at 9 yrs old
Thanks Vicki for these great pictures!

 First Bi-Black Girl in history of
the breed she has 2 all breed B.I.S.
And 2 B.I.S.S. to
She now has the all time record in
Bi-Black girls in history of the breed.
Many thanks to this great girl of ours.
Onya  record now has 100 B.O.B. 16 group 1's
and many group placements.
She turn 9 yrs old this yr. and still wants to do it.
You go Onya!!!!!!
We love you....
Welcome to the Century Club.
She is now retired and is enjoying
home life as a couch potato.
Onya great front!

Reach and drive what a side gait!
She has the movement we all love seeing.
What a Bi-Black girl she is the number 1 Bi-Black bitch in the USA
for 2004- 2007